About CoopGroup

What we do

CoopGroup is a coding club based in Austin, TX that aims to help kids take the next step in coding. Most coding courses for kids teach them with blocks. That doesn’t work because it doesn’t give an accurate picture of what coding is. We at CoopGroup teach them coding languages, like Python and HTML5. Teaching languages instead of blocks gives them a picture of what coding really is and teaches them real skills, unlike block coding. Also, we’re free! No charge to come! So come join CoopGroup and take the next step in coding.

Our Mission

Coding will take over the world. In the future, no matter what you do coding can be a useful skill. People are eager to learn real coding, but most cources are really expensive. Thats where we come into play. We offer free coding cources for anyone who is eager to learn how to code, not based on finacial well being. All you need is one computer and a dream.